The Year in Review

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imgTom Hamilton

The chart is a relative strength chart of key international indexes for 2021. (all start at the same 0% point on December 31, 2020; chart courtesy of, used with permission)

Now for all of those trading Crypto I decided not to put that on the chart (i.e. ETF GBTC). The reason is that it was EXTREMELY volatile. Case in point: starting 12/31/20 at 0%, at peak for the year of +77% on 2/19/21, then -25% for the year on 7/20/21, then back up to +67% for the year on 11/9/21, before finishing at +7% for the entire year overall. I dare say that the daily volatility in between was exceptional too. If one trades crypto, one must be exceptionally nimble and have a plan. (i.e. sure sounds like “day trading” to me . . . . not my style at all) About the only thing that I can say is that 2022 will likely not be the same as 2021. I am expecting more volatility in the stock market. Wishing you success in 2022. …….. Tom …….

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