How to Get Your Stock Analysis on a StockBossUp Topics Page

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The StockBossUp topics page showcases the top long term investment ideas generated by the best investors on the platform. In this tutorial, we’ll walk through how you can get your stock idea to the top of these pages.

How to Get on the Topics Page

The first step is to join StockBossUp.com. After you join, click the write article button on the top left hand corner. Add the stock you want to write about, a title and a description. The most important part of this process is to make sure you add the correct tags to your article. If you want to trend for a certain stock sector or market cap size, our platform tags those variables automatically based on the stock pick you chose.

However, if you’ve done your analysis using a stock selection guide and you want to trend in this category, be sure to add the stock selection guide tag to your article. The same goes for value investing, dividend growth, ESG stocks or any other topic you would like to trend in.

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After that, add an article cover image, write your article, and then post it. Once you’ve posted your article, our platform uses a unique criterion to determine if your article should trend.

But why would you even want you stock article showcased on a StockBossUp topics page? For two reasons.

First, if you want to get your great ideas exposed to a large audience, you want your article on a topics page. These pages are highly visible in search, social media, and shared across the web. Articles on a topics page get 10 to 50 times more traffic than an article that is not on a topics page.

Second, if you want to help new investors get better stock ideas, then you want to get on the topics page. The topics page will only add investment ideas from trusted investors that have all the right indicators that show the stock will perform well in the future.

Criteria to Trend

Trend Investors by Performance

The first is performance. In the portfolio page, you’ll see that every stock you write an article about is added to a virtual portfolio. It's critical that you write about stocks you believe will perform well. Its also critical that you manage the volatility of your portfolio. The more volatile your portfolio is, the less we will trend your articles. Finally, you should have a diversified portfolio of at least 10 stocks picks.

The second is content. Our system looks for special key words, topics, and article length that corresponds with high performance stock analysis. Write an article with at least 800 words and use financial metrics and data that is thorough and in depth.

Finally, you get a boost when other users on the platform draft you. When a user drafts you, they get regular updates about stocks you write about. To get drafted, write regularly about high-quality stocks you believe are good long term investments.

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StockBossUp is changing the way financial media works. We trend media that will help the most people succeed at long term investing. If you want to be part of this transformation, contribute today at StockBossUp and help us build wealth at scale.

Watch the companion video to this article here:


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