Bored Ape Yacht Club: The Apex NFT Project

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In one of our previous articles, we touched on NFTs and Real-World applications, and we are sure you had a wonderful experience learning about NFTs. There’s a fresh kid on the block, “Bored Ape Yacht Club.” Celebrities worldwide have been purchasing these NFTs for quite a huge amount of dollars. In this article, we will be looking at why Bored Ape Yacht Club has gotten so much attention from the NFT community and celebrities.

What is the Bored Ape Yacht Club?

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is a unique NFT created by Yuga Labs that allows buyers to prove they own the one-and-only version of these NFTs. Images are minted on Ethereum blockchain with randomly generated traits accessories - making each piece extremely rare and valuable in its own right!

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is far from alone in this regard; many NFT profile pic (PFP) collections have sprouted up recently, including World of Women and Cool Cats. But Collectors seem to have a thing for the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Data gathered from Cryptoslam shows that Bored Ape Yacht Club accounts for about $750 million in the latest NFT trading volume. These digital art are said to have the highest floor price, and the cheapest Bored Ape NFT costs around 74.69 ETH, approximately $240 000. This cost makes it near impossible for the everyday person to purchase these apex NFTs. Don't you find that Interesting?

Why are celebrities so much interested in the Bored Ape Yacht Club?

We can’t say for sure why these high-profile celebrities have been in on the Bored Ape NFTs, but one thing we know for sure is that owning an NFT as costly as a Bored Ape is a flex, and it is a way of showing how rich they are to afford such a relatively scarce commodity. Also, you are given exclusive entry to Bored Ape Yacht club parties, minting rights to future NFT drops and entry into their bathroom which is accesible to wallets owning at least one ape to make unique drawing to contribute to the community.

We are sure you are itching to know which celebrities have these NFTs in their possession. Here is a comprehensive list of celebrities that own these priced commodities

Mark Cuban: Mark Cuban, the owner of Dallas Maverick's and "Shark Tank" star, received his Bored Ape as a present in May. Since then, he kept it despite soaring prices but even put on Lazy NFT gallery profile for all to see! With Mr. Cuban being such an avid supporter of Dogecoin, we're guessing he invested some money into crypto-related businesses too.

Neymar Jnr: The PSG superstar also has joined the elite owners of this apex NFT. The superstar announced by uploading a picture of the NFT on his Twitter profile and making a tweet. Neymar Jnr has spent over $1 million purchasing this NFT.

I am an ape! #community #art #BoredApeYC—@neymarjr

Steve Aoki: Not only as a collector but also as a maker, DJ Steve Aoki is passionate about NFTs. He's already released content on Nifty Gateway, recently launched a Solana-based marketplace with famed comic book artist Todd McFarlane, and collaborates with artist pplpleasr to empower women NFT artists. Aoki also has eight Bored Ape NFTs and a few Mutant Apes in addition to a large number of other NFTs.

#NewProfilePic I don’t need to see when I have the vision 🚀 welcome the 8th @BoredApeYC to the Aoki family. #9309–@steveaoki

Snoop Dogg: This artist decided to take his NFT collection to the next level by opening a separate Twitter account for his NFT collection. The Twitter account is known by the name Cozomo De’ Medici. In December 2021, the rapper went all-in, partnering with MoonPay to buy a Bored Ape, a Bored Ape Kennel Club companion, and two Mutant Apes.

When I APE in, I APE all the way in!!-@snoopdogg

Serena Williams: The 23-time Grand Slam tennis champion was introduced to NFTs by her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, a big supporter. He paid $414,000 in ETH for her Bored Ape #5797, which she subsequently uploaded on Twitter on January 20 with the phrase "GM."

Ohanian had previously purchased a Serena-like CryptoPunk for his wife. Williams, meantime, just became a board advisor for the crypto fantasy soccer game Sorare.

Justin Bieber: In late January, international pop sensation Justin Bieber joined the league of Bored Ape owners by purchasing Bored Ape #3001, which sold for 500 ETH, which is $1.3 million). Gmoney and Farokh, two crypto influencers, feel he overpaid, yet it's possible Bieber just liked the look of this Ape with similar features. Bieber, who has 114 million Twitter followers, used phrases from his single "Lonely" to upload the image to his Instagram account. In his wallet, he also has NFTs from Doodles and World of Women, among other ventures.

Post Malone: Post Malone, a rapper, is the newest member of this list, having recently changed his Twitter profile picture to a Bored Ape. MoonPay, a cryptocurrency payment processor, teased buying a Bored Ape and chatting about it in a TikTok video over the weekend. MoonPay likewise handled Fallon's purchase, maybe as part of a celebrity marketing push. Post appeared to be ecstatic in the video, but as of publishing this, he hasn't tweeted about the acquisition.

Stephen Curry: Curry wasn't the first famous athlete to join Bored Ape, but he was undoubtedly the most visible when he did in late August. At the time, the three-time NBA champion, Subway ambassador, and co-creator of the TV comedy "Holey Moley" bought his Bored Ape NFT for around $180,000 in ETH. Curry was observed shortly after the purchase chatting on the project's official Discord server.

Memphis Depay: Barcelona's Superstar also owns a Bored Ape NFT. The Dutchman announced on his Twitter with a Tweet.

They used to call me monkey, Now it’s Bored Ape @BoredApeYC #BAYC -@Memphis

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What Does The Future Hold For Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs?

Bored Ape NFTs have hit a net sale of about $1 million. This is about 10% of AAPL sales in 2021. We believe that when NFTs gain more mainstream adoption, the floor prices of these apes will further go to the moon.

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