New Investor Tips

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New Investor Tips

These new investor tips help to answer questions most new investors ask when they first start investing.

Should I buy red or green stocks?

You should not buy stocks based on their daily change. The daily change of a stock is completely random, and a stock's change today will not predict how the stock will change tomorrow.

Is it Worth Buying Less than One Share?

Buying less than one share is worth it. Buying less than one share of a stock is called fractional shares. Fractional shares allow investors to start investing for as little as $25 (and less).

Who Buys Stocks when Everyone is Selling?

When there is a market sell-off, market makers, traders and long term value investors are on the other side of the trade buying these stocks at discounted prices.

How Much Cash Should You Have in Your Portfolio?

You should not have any cash in your investment portfolio. Cash is a depreciating asset. Its better to hold bonds, precious metals, or safe ETFs during market sell-offs.

Sound investments
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