Investing is About Empowerment, not Money

PUBLISHED Jul 22, 2021, 5:27:50 PM        SHARE

imgChaster Johnson

In America, there was a time when women couldn’t vote, when minorities couldn’t vote, and when non-landowners couldn’t vote. Today, the majority of adults can vote for their politicians, yet the government only controls half of the countries resources. Who controls the other half? Corporations. If you want your equal voting right in the economy, you need to own at least $150k in stock. If every adult in the U.S. had this much in stock, then we would all have an equal vote in the economy. Obviously, most people don’t have that much in stock, and worse, those who do have that much may not bother to use their right to vote as a shareholder. This right is extremely powerful. For most stock, it gives you the right to vote for different agenda items in a corporation including its policies and its board of directors (which hire and fire the CEO). Our goal for everyone in the Stockbossup community is to:

  • Share knowledge to help them find a path to owning $150k in stock

  • Give the knowledge necessary to our members to keep and grow $150k in stock

  • Raise awareness about our rights to vote as a shareholder which will empower us to make the changes we want in the companies we own

  • The Stockbossup App is very much focused on growing wealth, but its because of more than just money. Unlike in American politics, in the economy, you can only get your voice heard if you know how to be an owner and hold onto your wealth. That is the BOSS in Stockbossup. When you are an owner, your perception of stocks changes:

  • The CEO works for you to make more money for you.

  • You do not just shrug when your stock goes down. As the owner, you blame the board and the CEO for that. When you hold stock for the long term, you expect the executive team to work for you.

  • You use your voice and your vote to make yourself more money. You stop thinking it is just “bad luck” that your stock went down. You put the blame spot onto the CEO. That is how you boss up in the Stock market.

The best time to grow your wealth is today. It is more than just the money, it is about the power. Start learning to invest now. The Stockbossup App is a community focused on building their wealth and keeping it.

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