How To Get Whitelisted on NFT Projects?

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NFT appears to be the current buzzword in the web3 space. People are interested in flipping NFTs for profit by purchasing at a low price and then selling at a higher price. For NFTs, one of the greatest strategies to avoid price spikes once it hits secondary markets is to mint the NFT before the public sale.

What is a Whitelist?

In general terms, a whitelist, which is also called an allowlist, is a security list of recognized and permitted entities which can be in the form of email addresses, IP addresses, or applications that grants special access to a process or service to those on the list disallowing all others.

This cybersecurity strategy is the opposite of a Blacklist, a mechanism that denies specific and enlisted entities access to a process or service while allowing all others.

What is an NFT Whitelist?

In the web3 space, a whitelist is a list curated by the developers of an NFT project which contains pre-approved addresses of wallets that will have access to mint within a set period before the project launches publicly.

This means that the people on the whitelist have early and guaranteed access to mint at least one or more of the NFTs of the project before everyone else. It can be a special privilege given to specific people or can be awarded as a reward to particular people within the community.

Why is it important to be Whitelisted?

Think of being whitelisted as having a VIP membership to a lounge. You have special access to some restricted regions and free or discounted subscriptions on lounge products and services and other perks.

Projects that have a lot of traction, otherwise called hype projects, usually have many people interested in owning the project’s NFTs. Whitelisted members have early and guaranteed access to mint the project and do not have to bother about missing out due to many people minting or low supply, i.e., the number of total NFTs available.

Being whitelisted is also a good way to avoid gas wars. The minting process usually involves multiple users transacting within the blockchain network, which results in slower processing speed and costlier gas fees. The recent rise in usage of bots to mint has worsened this problem, leaving buyers of the NFT at public sale with a lesser chance of minting.

Whitelisted members also have the added advantage of minting NFTs at a lower price than the public sale price. In some cases, people on the whitelist only need to pay the gas fee to mint, which puts them in a better position to profit from the project than buyers from the public sale or secondary markets.

How to get Whitelisted?

The developers and team of an NFT project have the full rights to determine the number of whitelist spots and who gets whitelisted. There are generally no stringent criteria across projects.

How to get Whitelisted on Discord?

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Discord is an instant messaging platform with VoIP (Voice-over-Internet Protocol) function that was originally designed for gamers. The 250 million user company has become a mainstream application for various NFT communities.

Upcoming and already existing NFT projects make use of discord servers as a tool to interact with members, create channels for different groups of people with similar interests or classification, create voice chats, add bots that aid to perform various functions, and assign roles such as the whitelist role, moderator role, NFT holder role, and others depending on activity and input.

Discord servers can accommodate a very large number of people and support large data collection and storage. Users can also maintain anonymity and are not required to reveal private information before joining servers.

Here are some of the ways to get a whitelist spot for an NFT project on Discord.

Early bird

The easiest way to get whitelisted would be among the first set of people to join the server. Early birds are usually given an OG role which gets them whitelisted.

Community activity

Increasing your level on the server by chatting, reacting to comments and announcements, and participating in workshops and AMAs can help secure a whitelist spot.


Participating in server games such as Rumble and Gartic can earn you a spot on the whitelist.

Fan art

Creative creations in the form of paper or virtual drawings, memes, videos, or any art form are usually considered for the whitelist, so get creative.

Server boosting

Some projects have the option of boosting their servers as a criterion to be shortlisted for the whitelist. Server boosting upgrades the server with additional perks depending on the number and levels of boost.


Introducing your friends to join a project is also a way to improve your chances of being whitelisted.


Projects that decide to collaborate offer whitelist spots to members who join from another NFT server or offer them spots to give away to their members.

How to get Whitelisted on Twitter?

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Home to 396.5 million users globally, with 206 million daily active users, Twitter is a social networking platform that allows users to share interests, and daily updates, create and follow trends, and interact with others worldwide.

This leading social application serves as a platform for upcoming projects to create and expand a community of people interested in NFT, make announcements regarding minting, launch date, and collaborations, and build hype for the project. Twitter is also used by already existing projects to further publicize and announce partnerships, staking, and utility opportunities for holding or staking an NFT or its native token.

Users can interact with other users, create DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) to share information on promising upcoming and existing projects, and follow market price updates and trends. Some of the ways to get whitelisted on Twitter include, but are not limited to:

Follow and retweet posts

Interacting with a post made by an NFT project by liking, retweeting, commenting, and tagging friends can earn you a whitelist spot.

Fan art

Posting creative works to show support and love for a project is an excellent way to be selected for whitelist.

DAO collab

Joining a DAO can give you access to whitelist spots that are given by projects to be shared within their respective DAO communities.


Join giveaways by projects or NFT influencers to stand a chance at winning a whitelist spot.

NFT project collab

Two or more projects may collaborate and give whitelist spots to people across their respective communities.

What to do after being whitelisted?

Successfully securing a whitelist spot can be hard work. Feel free to pat yourself on the back or treat yourself to a nice meal; you deserve it! However, you must not be entirely relaxed. Be on the lookout for whitelist minting information and remain active on discord in the event of a whitelist purge, an activity that involves the removal of the whitelist role from members who are deemed inactive or undeserving of the role by the devs or mods (developers or moderators).

Monitor market prices and ensure you accumulate the amount needed to mint plus extra gas fees. Liquidity is an essential factor, so you may choose to collaborate with a trusted party for the project if you do not have enough money to mint. You may also choose to out rightly sell the whitelist to someone else, which is a common practice of whitelist grinders. Another way to sell your whitelist would be to use Famousfoxes, a platform popularly used for listing and selling Solana whitelist tokens. Whitelist tokens are issued in NFT projects that have a token-based minting system.

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It is pertinent to note that a whitelist isn't a prerequisite to joining a project. If you believe in the success of a project and are not able to get whitelisted, ensure to buy at a public sale, sweep the floor, or buy on the secondary market. WAGMI!

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