Growth Investing in American Express Stock

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Growth Investing in American Express Stock

American Express Company is a payment card services provider with world-class products and services. The company has thrived over the years by providing excellent access to products, insights and experiences for their customers.

Its customers include consumers, small-businesses and mid-size companies. The company has mastered the art of marketing and wide distribution of its products globally to reach a wide audience by utilizing online marketing, direct-response advertising, and customer referral programs, among others. The company maintains a relationship with third party banks and financial institutions.

Overview of American Express Progress

At the beginning of the corona virus pandemic, American Express suffered a huge setback. The pandemic brought travel and most businesses to a halt, which had a tremendous impact on using American Express cards. The company struggled at the beginning of the pandemic, as revenue declines. However, it pressingly remained profitable throughout.

In quarter 1 2022, American Express sales jumped by 29% from the previous year’s first quarter. The revenue was $11.8 billion, which completely made up for the losses suffered during the pandemic. The revenue was attributed to increased card member spending which was particularly high in March. American Express management expressed a revenue goal of 20% for 2022.

The company greatly invests in assessing the most effective ways of engaging its customers and business in both adverse and friendly business climates. According to C.E.O Stephen Squeri, American Express has invested in key areas to capitalize on long-term growth.

These include; acquiring customers, engaging them and working to retain them. The company is particularly targeting a younger demographic of customers who are more tech savvy and shop more. If the company can attract this group of consumers and maintain a high retention rate, it goes without saying that the immense profits and growth will be expected in years to come.

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American Express Growth Grade

When we think of growth investing, its mostly on the notion that stocks of companies with prolonged growth perform better than slow-growth companies. However, there are several factors that come into play when categorizing high-growth stocks.

They include; year-over-year, increased sales and revenue which historically, contribute significantly contributed to long-term growth. If a company can grow sales, earnings per share and operating cash annually over five years, it can be considered a high-growth company. American Express has a growth score of 55.

The company boasts of sustained revenue growth, innovation and digital solutions which place it at a good position for growth. Additionally, the company often engages in acquisitions.

Over the last four quarters, American Express has surpassed the financial outlook estimates, with an average of 33.27%. American Express return on equity stands at 33.4% for the trailing 12 months, against the industry average of 22.6%. This shows that the company’s management is competent in wisely investing shareholders’ funds for profits.

American Express Outlook

The company will continue benefitting from growth initiatives such as launching new products and upgrading existing products. It also plans to extend its collaboration efforts with established organizations to boost its capability.

Gradually, the economy is expected to recover, which would see an increase in American Express revenue as consumer spending increases. The company expects to achieve a revenue growth of over 10% in the long haul.

The main strategy utilized is to attract premium consumers by offering membership benefits. The benefits include; meeting the daily expenses, borrowing and travel needs of these consumers. The strategy not only meets the customers’ needs but also increases the presence of American Express in the market.

The company also launches highly innovative products and features which come as card offerings. The offerings contain financing, banking and payment solutions.

In the current digital marketing space, a company must keep up with the fast-paced environment of dynamic digital trends. The company works to improve digital features and services by collaborating with the best companies in the game.

Why Buy American Express?

American Express cash balance has been consistently going up, thus creating a strong balance sheet. According to its 2021 financial report, the company can comfortably offset short-term debt. The company is committed to undertake debt repayment programs to enjoy the decline in interest rates.

Additionally, the company is capable of generating cash to invest in business. Share buybacks and dividend payments are some of the ways the company tactfully deploys capital. The company has an incredible record of cheap valuation. Therefore, now is the best time to buy American Express, long.

AXP, Buy

American Express...
Return: 4.29%

AXP, Buy

Return: 4.29%

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