Top NFT Influencers in the World

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Among other things, NFT thrives on hype and trends that keep the ball rolling and keep people talking. The engagement is what leads investors to purchase NFTs from collections, artists and creators. Certain people set this in motion and have the power to spread rhetoric, ideas, projects, or campaigns.

These individuals are known as influencers, and unlike traditional influencing, in which brands set the tone and dictate the action, a decentralized NFT space allows for truly independent traffic and engagement movers.

Here are some of the top NFT influencers that are worth following in 2022:

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as Gary Vee, is a well-known author, global speaker, entrepreneur, and angel investor who made early investments in companies such as Coinbase, Meta, Venmo, Twitter, and Uber. Gary is also a social media personality with a large following on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube that comprises a significant percentage of NFT investors.

His most notable accomplishment in the NFT space is that he is the driving force behind the VeeFriends project. This, combined with his already extensive portfolio, positions him as a leading voice with a solid footing in the Ethereum and general NFT communities, as well as the ability to educate and provide insight to enthusiasts, investors, startups, and experts in the field.

2.Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, a celebrity rapper, actor, and media personality, has recently become a major voice in the NFT space, with over $17 million invested in NFT collectibles including nine CyberPunks, Bored Apes, and Doodles. In what came as a big shock to everyone, Big Snoop was doxxed to be the person behind the NFT hype-centered Twitter account, Cozomo de' Medici, revealing to us that he is well versed and involved in the NFT community and may be deserving of his self-proclaimed "Grand Patron of the Digital Arts."

Snoop Dogg has been a valuable celebrity asset in promotional and marketing campaigns, with efforts made and shows hosted in the metaverse to entertain and educate people about the concept's prospects. Many celebrities have recently joined the movement; hopefully, we will see an increase in the number of globally influential voices joining the movement.

3. Dingaling

Dangaling makes this list due to sheer NFT representation. This influencer is an NFT collector and whale, with hands in more NFT cookie jars than one can count. Dangaling has assets ranging from the largest projects to the less popular collections that are held for the long-term, despite high and low floor prices. To give you an idea of how much this influencer has, he currently owns 108 BAYC, 98 MAYC, 102 Azuki, 8 CryptoPunks, 100 Coolcats, 50 Ghxsts, 432 NBATS, and many more, according to his Twitter page.

Dangaling is particularly fond of projects with hype, potential, and utility in areas such as tokenization and staking, which is understandable given that it serves as an extra source of income for a whale with a large number of assets. Dingaling also provides general market advice and posts potential projects and opportunities for his followers to take advantage of.

4. Pranksy

Pranksy is an early NFT investor who has been around since 2017, when the NFT market was more quiet than hyped. On Twitter and Instagram, he has a loyal and engaged following of investors, brands, and projects, where he shares insights and educates people about NFT. Pranksy is a major NFT investor, having invested in BAYC and many other projects as well as being one of the top NBATS collectors.

Pranksy is also the owner and co-founder of NFTBoxess, a project that features a monthly subscription box sold via Ethereum that contains NFTs, virtual gaming items, puzzle pieces, and other goodies.

5. Farokh

Farokh is a social media expert and leading influencer on Instagram and Twitter, where he actively advocates for NFT projects and activities. He hosts and moderates NFT-related rooms in the Clubhouse app, where people can discuss advancements in digital asset ownership and blockchain technology innovations.

Farokh is also the founder of Goodlife, a digital media agency, and the recently launched Rug radio, a decentralized media platform where users can trade NFTs, own their media content, and engage in crypto and NFT investment conversations.

6. Digital Artchick

Digital Artchick is widely regarded as the most powerful female voice in the NFT community. She shares her experience as a female in a predominantly male-led sector on her Twitter page, where she writes about her NFT journey. Artchick actively supports and promotes the World of Women NFT collection, as well as other female influencers and creatures from around the world.

She is also well-known for sparking conversations and interactions about women's involvement and empowerment in tech and NFT, which piques the interest of investors and brands.

7. NFT Viral

NFT viral is TikTok's most popular page for NFT-related content. The page has a large following and is the go-to for new and upcoming collections, as well as educational tips and information presented in short videos to stir up the interest and engagement of viewers. TikTok Top Moments, a collection rolled out by NFT viral, features "moments that broke the internet."

NFT viral is an active collaborator with content creators on the app and distinguishes itself by posting "early bird" information that users would not otherwise have access to.

8. RealMissNFT

Another notable female influencer is RealMissNFT, a crypto artist and the owner of realmissnft.xyz, a website that showcases new NFT artists and upcoming projects. She actively engages and interacts with her community, collections, other influencers, and brands, hosting weekly giveaways and posting weekly stories about upcoming artists.

RealMissNFT will most likely move up this list with her promising upcoming project, Metanatics, a decentralized metaverse platform with a virtual space for events, shows, and other social gatherings, which is currently in development by her team.

9. Beeple

Mike Winklemann, also known as Beeple, is a digital artist best known for his work "Everyday: the First 5000 Days," which was auctioned as an NFT by Christie's and sold for more than $69 million late last year. This one-of-a-kind event raised awareness of the concept and catapulted Beeple to stardom in the NFT community.

Beetle is active on Twitter and Instagram, where he posts recent artworks that often mirror current events (for example, he created an artwork about the recent Ethereum merge) and tweets about the space in general. His page is a good starting point for artists and creators who want to begin their NFT journey.

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10. Yam Karkai

Yam Karkai, the owner of World of Women NFT, a renowned collection of 10,000 unique women-like characters created with co-founders Raphael Malavieille and Toomaie, completes this list. WOW is one of the top projects, and it is owned by celebrities and influencers like Snoop Dogg and Gary Vee. Her project paved the way for many female creators and investors, and she continues to actively release new artwork on OpenSea and other marketplaces.

Yam Karkai's work focuses on showcasing the diversity, inclusiveness, and uniqueness of women, which can be seen in her collections such as the Kolamint collection, Foundation NFT collection, Carrier of the elements, Two faces, and Introverted tulip.

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