Ledger Launches NFT Marketplace, Enterprise Platform, and other Web3 Services

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Ledger has announced the launch of a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace and web3 services platform for enterprises during Ledger Op3n, the company’s major event that holds twice a year. Additionally, Ledger is launching a portfolio that features a number of educational and security-related web3 products. According to a news release on the company’s blog, these platforms are “initiatives that will enable users, creators, brands and enterprises to tackle this new world with full security and ownership.”

Ledger is a leading cryptocurrency wallet provider that was founded in 2014 with the purpose of initially securely storing Bitcoin. The company is well-known for its hardware wallets (cold wallets), which provide arguably the highest level of security available in the crypto space. It boasts of having over 2 million daily users and over 5 million sold devices, with over 20% of total digital assets held in its coffers. The company's services have expanded far beyond Bitcoin storage, with innovations such as Nano wallet products, Ledger Live, which allows Ledger users to manage their cryptocurrency hardware and assets, and the recently rolled out Ledger Connect, which allows users to connect to web3 applications.

Ledger Market

In the summer of 2022, Ledger plans to launch Ledger Market, it's own NFT marketplace where collections and users can create, mint, store, and trade NFTs in a secure and convenient manner. Ledger highlights that current marketplaces are packed with projects but have very low-security standards that collections and traders have to comply with if they want to use the platform. The security-centered company has stated that they intend to focus on the issues of "transparency and security," which the company claims is one of the biggest setbacks in the NFT space because creators and traders have chosen "convenience over security."

To support this assertion, Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier confirmed that clear-signing, which is already used in products such as the Ledger Nano S Plus, will be introduced to the Ledger market as well as other web3 products and services. Clear-signing is simply a method for users to gain greater transparency and understanding of the nature of their transactions, which can assist them in avoiding losses due to rugs or scams. The concept is based on the idea that "what you see is what you sign," as described by Ledger in a Twitter thread addressing the security issues with OpenSea and NFTs back in February. Furthermore, Ledger reports that it already handles 45 of the top 100 transactions on OpenSea, 40 percent of the Bored Apes and top NFT communities, and billions of dollars in assets, implying that it is already a key player in the NFT space.

While the marketplace is still in development, Ledger has announced collaborations with some known brands and creators, including Brick/Babylon, Tag Heuer of LVMH, and the NFT projects DeadFellaz and RTFKT as a way to boost publicity in their respective communities as well as foster a healthy, inclusive marketplace.

The marketplace will also include custom ledger collaborations and monthly curated drops, with the first collection available on the platform being the Ledger Market Pass – Genesis Edition. The pass is an NFT that will allow holders to redeem the limited edition Black-on-Black Ledger Nano X, early access to subsequent drops, access to Ledger Market collabs, airdrops of Art from Ledger Artist, and other thrilling perks.

Ledger Enterprise Create

Ledger Enterprise Create is an NFT management platform that was also introduced at the Ledger Op3n event and serves as a launching pad for other industry players such as brands, institutions, and charities looking to build or expand their web3 projects and securely integrate into the NFT market. After months of development, the platform is now up and running, enabling a diverse range of NFT operational and management services within one platform.

Users are able to do the following:

  • Create, own and manage smart contracts.
  • Securely purchase and manage digital assets.
  • Mint, distribute, burn, and exchange NFTs and tokens.
  • Take full custody and governance of token drops.
  • Integrate Ledger security into their preferred interfaces, custom solutions, and designed processes without worrying about losing ownership or engagement.

“What we want to do at Ledger is to accompany creators and brands throughout their NFT journey and to secure the whole stack from minting the NFT to distribution into production,”

Gauthier noted in a statement to CoinDesk. Institutions and brands can use this platform, developed by a company with omni-chain offerings that provide end-to-end security at scale across all of Web3, as a tool to give their new projects visibility, community, education, engagement, and security, while retaining ownership and control.

Ledger Academy

This isn't Ledger's first foray into web3 education; the Ledger Academy was founded in 2019 and has since grown to more than 1.5 million users globally with web3, crypto, metaverse, and NFT educational articles, podcasts, and videos.

How does it work?

The academy offers private training and consultations on blockchain-related projects, as well as educational material on the platform that contains simple and detailed explanations on various topics and actionable steps to carry out various operations. The platform has a simple interface that allows for easy navigation. Go to the website, choose your topic, desired format, or difficulty level, and learn.

The organization also offers many events for its community, including the Blockchain Employment Series and Princeton Blockchain-hosted speaker series meet-ups. Ledger Academy hosted a holiday event in Agora World Metaverse in December 2021, alongside Metaverse collection Bobbi.

The company took advantage of the Ledger Op3n event to promote the platform and unveil its improved version and a partnership with the leading Metaverse company, The Sandbox, as it expands its reach in the metaverse.

Ledger Quest

In addition to the service platforms announced, Ledger is launching Ledger Quest, a Play-to-learn blockchain game that will fuel interest through the use of incentive-driven content. This new project aims to help users better comprehend and make use of the various web3 technologies.

How will it work?

Users will be able to earn NFTs by answering a series of timed crypto-related questions from Ledger. If you're interested in learning more about web3, you can choose a specific quest, answer a series of questions properly, and receive an exclusive Proof of Knowledge (PoK) NFT that also doubles as a social badge. The POK NFT to be awarded will be determined by the creators and collections who make use of Ledger's expertise and technology to design their community culture quests.

The project is set to launch in September 2022 and will feature World of Women (WOW), COOL CATS, DEADFELLAZ, LVCIDIA, and APECOIN as launch partners.

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Amid the persistent bear market, we continue to witness company growth and expansion into other web3 sectors, with new entrants developing fresh projects and insights. Given the size of the Ledger company and the scope of products and services being rolled out, it will be interesting to see how users and institutions adopt, as well as how competitors react to this barreling market force.

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